I am probably the stupidest adult that I know in real life.

I don’t think I was always so stupid.  I was second in my class at the end of my junior year in high school, but it was a crumby, suburban public school so this is about like being declared Her Royal Highness of the Divine Dipsh*ts (HRHDD).  I still graduated at #11 which is pretty impressive considering I tanked it hard my senior year getting more B’s than I had in the 12 years prior combined.  I also got a couple C’s.  And I got an F in Chemistry II during the last six weeks which is especially notable because I had, 2 weeks prior to graduation, received not only the departmental chemistry award, but also the award for outstanding science student of the year.

Science, math and English were easy for me and outside of doing the work didn’t require much effort.  I sucked at history, economics and government studies, which is to say I had to try in these classes, and so I hated them.  I now finally feel the void and have been relearning bits and pieces of these subjects as they relate to my current interests.  For example, I’m not sure one can really understand or appreciate the impact that The Beatles or The Rolling Stones had if they don’t also understand what the world was like during and prior to the 1960s.

It’s not like I didn’t learn critical thinking and complex problem solving in college.  I do that boring-ass sh*t at work every day, all day long.

As far as current events and recent politics are concerned, I’m practically retarded.  I don’t say that to be offensive.  And it’s probably not stupidity, it’s ignorance.

I started this entry yesterday and then came across a related article about a study claiming that people that watch no news at all are better informed about current events than people that watch exclusively Fox News.

Texas is full of Fox News only watchers.  I currently fall into the category of people who watch almost no news at all.  Based on this study, I’m probably not the absolute stupidest or most ignorant person I encounter on a daily basis.  But shouldn’t I learn to how to watch the news without letting it send me into depression or panic?  Because it is unacceptable for someone my age to know so little about the world.

I used to have the local news on in the mornings.  Chicago News started almost every day with a story about somebody being stabbed, attacked, raped, beaten, and/or shot set in one of the many neighborhoods that I knew to stay away from.  (Yes, I know I ended that last sentence with a preposition, but “neighborhood from which I knew to stay away” sounds antiquated.  The idiots among us are changing the English language as we know it.  BTW did you know that the adjective cunty was recently added to the Oxford English Dictionary?  So you cunty, intelectual types can piss off.)  I could tell that Dallas News was different, but it wasn’t until about two months here that I realized how.  Dallas likes to bury its urbanite’s pain, death and dismemberment about 25-35 minutes in to the newscast.  Chicago news is for the urbanites, and Dallas news is for the suburbanites.

I haven’t faithfully followed the news in a couple of years.  It’s depressing and complicated and scary.  I have always focussed on the daily recap of how one person or group of people wants to or tries to or actually ends up killing another person or group of people.  Reporters are rarely able to report on the whys of the incidents, and it’s the humanity of it all that really confuses and depresses me.  I have long been a reader of Rolling Stone magazine, although I now greatly prefer Mojo.  I read the RS cover story on Jahar Tsarnaev, the Boston Bomber.  I read it back in August (I’m typically several issues behind), and it still haunts me.  The cover of the magazine claims that the article shows how he became a “monster”, but I didn’t really see the connection, not that I don’t believe he did it or that he was justified in doing it.  I appreciated how the article goes beyond the “just the facts” approach of the nightly news because in the end, this is the information I really end up obsessing over.  That is, of course, until I do read about it and then get freaked out and decide that I should just go back to not following the news at all because it’s easier that way and I am only one person who doesn’t know anything and I couldn’t do anything even if I wanted to because nothing I do could make a difference anyway.  I’ll just go back to my corporate zombie existence with a little mindless pop culture sprinkled in for variety and to stave off total effing insanity.

I’m going to seemingly veer off topic a bit now but will be able to link it into the rest of the entry, I promise.  I have a secret.  I recently developed a crush on a musician in a band that released a single album about eight years ago, and he released a solo album about three years ago.  I have done several fairly pedestrian internet searches on said musician and found out more than a person really ought to know about a total stranger.  Things like he has a scar above his lip and a tattoo of the name of Elliott Smith’s 4th album on his left forearm.  I’m gonna stop there because I fear that this has already gotten weird.  Please don’t call the authorities or send in the guys that have the white jackets with the constraining sleeves that buckle behind your back.  It’s just a crush.


Photo Credits: set-72157608356603654 by Scott O’Dell is licensed under CC BY-NC-ND-2.0

During my “research”, I found an interview given by this musician on energy, fuel and economy.  He says “you know” way too much (25 times in 23 minutes and 13 seconds, not evenly spaced… they seem to cluster).  But dang it, this guy is adorable, talented, and freaking smart!  In contrast, I am a prize idiot.  I am not worthy to crush on this person.  In the interview he recommended a book about the topic he was discussing.  I bought the book because I want to stop being the most ignorant person in any given room, Fox News watchers excluded.  It is related to environment and sustainability which are topics that interest me.  I have a specialty in environmental studies in college, a passion that has been completely ignored since taking a job in order to feed myself with the apparent goal of my job being to cover entire states in concrete and asphalt in order to relieve traffic congestion.  This silly crush may be the catalyst that inspires me to put on my big girl panties and start following the news and current events again.  Thank you, Nathanial Castro.  You inspire me to be better person.  You have indie rocked my world!

Thankful today for… girl’s night out last night!  Laughter is good for the soul.

Shocker!  I had to work on a Saturday.  Again.  And I think I’m getting the flu.

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